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This application allows the users to convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to standard DVD format.
This conversion is very useful for transporting presentations in portable PC, or to make demostrations on PCs that don't have MS Office PowerPoint installed. The DVD output can run on any standard DVD player (and even see the presentation on a TV set). When runing presentations on DVD players, user can navigate with the player remote control, and make easier the presentation itself.

Once the PowerPoint presentation is converted to DVD format, user can burn standard DVDs and deliver them easily. DVD presentations can be sahred or delivered, since they can't be modified.

User can create atractive initial DVD menus for easing quick DVD navigation.

Output DVD files are dynamic movies and contain all the original subtitles, sounds, video clips, transitions, animations, etc. as well as possible hyperlinks from one slide to another. The application includes a built-in burner, so user won't need external applications for creating phisical DVDs.

The user imports a Microsoft PowerPoint file from somewhere in the local PC. Then adjust the output desired settings. At this time user can create the apropriated initial menu for the DVD. Finally, DVD can be burned from the PowerPoint file, directly by means of the built-in burner.

This way, user begins and finishes the complete process without leaving the application.

This software allows users to convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD for playing on a TV set, convert PowerPoint file to MPEG, WMV or AVI video formats, so the output file can be shared and showed on portable PCs or players.

The video clips, animations, sounds, subtitles, etc. will remain and work fine in the final output DVD.

The application included DVD Menu Designer will help any user to create customizable DVD professional style menus, for easier DVD navigation. A DVD Menu Simulator allows the user to check the created menu interactivity before DVD is burned. Also, users can preview first slides of each presentation.

This software allows users to convert PowerPoint files in batch mode (up to 12 files at once) and all of them can be burned into the same DVD disc (if possible).

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  • Easy to use and an interesting Menu Creator and previewer


  • Watermark on output file (trial version)
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